Ultimate Mega Fest (UMF) Soca & Chutney Concert

Ultimate Mega Fest (UMF) Soca & Chutney Houston TX

July 3rd!! Representing the Islands Soca artists Kerwin Du Bois and Farmer Nappy from Trinidad, Ricardo Drue from Antigua along with Chutney sensations Terry Gajraj of Guyana and Adesh Samaroo from Trinidad, and others will be performing at the BH Ranch Event Center! the night will be full of the festive rhythms of Barrie Hype from St. Lucia, Crown Prince of Antigua, DJ Smithy from Trinidad, and Fatta Carey and Goldfinger of Jamaica.

Get your tickets today at : Smithy's Bar and Grill in Katy, Donafe's Cafe, Asha's Roti Shop, Love Bird Restaurant, and Tata Imports!

Also available ONLINE: www.ultimatemegafest.eventbrite.com

*All tickets are non refundable, and are only good on the day of the event. Don't forget to keep your tikets/receipt handy, either in App or print them out and bring with you to the festival. Your ticket/receipt will be exchanged for a wristband.

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Kerwin Dubois: As early as his primary school days, Kerwin Dubois began taking the Caribbean music scene by storm when he won the Junior Calypso Monarch competition, cementing his place in the Calypso genre as a rising star. His talents quickly led him through other Calypso competitions where he claimed the Young Kings title and performed in the Big Yard for National Calypso Monarch finals. As a young musician, Kerwin found that audiences adored his soulful voice and passionate lyrics that translated his unique style into a one-of-a-kind performance, earning him the opportunity to represent Trinidad in a UK-based exchange program for young performers. Since then, he has diversified his sound to include Soca as a performer, songwriter, and producer. Through his writing and production, he has worked with top artists, leading to chart-topping production, genre hits, and industry buzz that has made Kerwin a regular in the Soca world. He has been nominated for twelve International Soca Awards and received six including Soca Producer of the Year (2008), Soca Songwriter of the Year (2012), and Soca Song of the Year (2012). Since then, Kerwin has been an outstanding collaborator and produce of Carnival hits that add beats and vibes to the Soca genre. He currently works in his Toronto-based studio to continue his collaborations to advance the sounds of Soca music internationally.
Farmer Nappy: At the ripe age of seven, Farmer Nappy developed his talents as the percussionist and later songwriter for a fresh band that would la ter become more well known as the chart-topping Xtatik. Throughout his early career, he wrote numerous hits for the band and racked up awards including Best Songwriter and Best Song of the Year, leading him to collaborate with artists from across the genre. After starting his career as the right hand of Soca greats Machel Montano and Xtatik, the solo talents of Farmer Nappy (a.k.a. Darryl Henry) finally came full circle in the 2005 when he took to the studio to perform his own music. Songs such as “Chippin (With Me Own Woman)” set in motion Farmer Nappy’s successful career as a Soca performer and earned him even more awards such as Groovy Song of the Year (2008). Among his many recognitions, he has accepted the 2014 Calypso of the Year award. 
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Kerwin Dubois and Farmer Nappy have worked together since 2010 when they collaborated and eventually produced Farmer Nappy’s Carnival hits “I Pay For This” and “Pavement,” the latter of which went on to become a 2010 Carnival Hit Anthem.
Ricardo Drue: Classically trained at Stanford University, Ricardo Drue describes himself as having casually fallen into Soca. As a child, he grew up in Antigua listening to the music with his family and found that it best represented his rhythms and style as an adult while studying in the States. Since he came on the scene in 2010, his songs have lit up the stations and made him an icon of the Soca scene. With inspirations including Bunji Garlin, Ronnie McIntosh, and Burning Flames, the young songwriter and father of four knows the sounds he wants to accomplish and works on his own music while also collaborating with other songwriters to achieve what has become a truly popular Soca performance with each new album. As his career continues to soar, Ricardo aims to build his brand into a global name that is recognized with the modern Soca sound while also ensuring that the culture and art form of Soca performance is recognized for the beauty that it is.
Terry Gajraj: As Guyana’s most recorded artist, Terry Gajraj was raised in a musical family that taught him how to entertain with various instruments, including the dholak, dental, harmonium, keyboard, and guitar. Since his first album was released in 1989, he has recorded Number One albums on Chutney charts in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean, using his performances as opportunities to bring awareness to the sound of Chutney music while also considering himself an unofficial ambassador of Guyana culture. As a songwriter, Terry works to communicate his heritage, considering himself a Caribbean and an Indian man, in a way that reaches out to Guyanese, Trinidadians, and Chutney fans across the globe.
Adesh Samaroo: Born in Trinidad, Adesh Samaroo gained his first attention on the local scene in 2002, but it wasn’t until his third album that he began to receive international consideration and toured abroad. In 2004, he won the National Chutney Monarch and went on to win several more recognitions for his music, including a World Caribbean Award.
DJ Barrie Hype: Winning the Soca DJ of the Year wasn’t a bad way for DJ and MC Barrie Hype to end 2010 and he hasn’t slowed down to rest on his laurels since then. As a native of St. Lucian, he prides himself on being one of the few DJs to bring international recognition to the island’s music scene. After starting school in St. Lucian and moving to begin college in Barbados, he eventually studied at Branson College in Montreal before achieving his dream of studying at Full Sail University where he majored in the recording arts including show production and concert touring. With the intention of helping promote the global reach of Caribbean music, he founded Topgunners, a collection of DJs who pursue opportunities to represent Caribbean beats globally. Further, he is associated with 18th & Collins, a team of songwriters, DJs, and music producers who collaborate and work to help artists within their genres. To keep up with the changes in his field as well as ensure he is moving with the sounds of his genre, he spends a great deal of time listening to new musicians and reading social media to ensure he is studying his craft in a way that makes him a better performer.
DJ Crown Prince (a.k.a. Corie Weaver) was born in Antigua and hit the scene in the late 90s where he earned the moniker “The Soul Rebel.” As a child, his family surrounded itself in music, and he began his musical education early on through choirs, choruses, and school bands, allowing him to study music constantly. His DJ talents started simply when he began mixing his favorite songs and discovered he had a talent for the art form. He admits that his influences and his own music are a blend of genres that not only entertain listeners but aims to educate them in a way that brings them closer to each other. He classifies himself as mixing genres that overlap with Urban, Caribbean, Soul, Top 40, Mainstream, and Moombahton (a fusion of Reggaeton and House music). His performances have taken him across the globe, leading him to stages in North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Europe, allowing him to pursue his vision of uniting the world through music. Furthering his musical ventures, DJ Crown Prince hosts a podcast as well as a syndicated radio show with fellow UMF performer DJ Barrie Hype.
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