It is our mission to set the social stage for celebrating your special day, whether it be an elegant wedding, hallmark anniversary, or weekend festival—we coordinate every event to focus on our clients’ inspirations to bring to life a sense of community and festivities that will create lasting memories.





Kalpana Promotions brings together over 15 years of experience with planning and coordinating events from intimate celebrations to weekend festivals. Whether it be the grand scheme of setting an atmosphere that will impress your guests or the minute details of vendor contracts, we have the knowledge and expertise that will guarantee a successful event. By focusing on our clients’ motivations, we are able to bring to life those inspirations that make each event unique and create one-of-a-kind festivities that will leave an impression on each and every guest.





Our primary service is event planning and coordination and all that it entails. We are experienced in all styles of affairs and can assist with any event from intimate parties to three-day festivals. For all events, we provide planning services that consider a client’s budgetary goals, including venue selection, catering coordination, entertainment booking, and advertisement, whether it be by individual invitation or social media broadcast.


Our most popular services include:

  • Budget management,

  • Menu preparation and catering,

  • Venue preparation and décor,

  • Advertisement including social media,

  • And vendor recruitment.


Our services are unlimited, and we strive to assist clients in every detail of their event planning—to take away the stress so you can celebrate!


If you are uncertain of which services you will need or what style of event you wish to plan, contact us to discuss your inspirations and receive a free budget consultation.

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